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7th March 2009

9:14pm: 5/3 Grandpa
6 months ago I lost my grandma, now I have lost my grandpa too.

I love them very much, I always will


19th February 2009

10:36am: Just a short little writing
I'm freezing my ears off, it's sooo cold.

On valentinesday little Klara hade baked heartshaped muffins, it was so cute :oD

And this photo is just so great, it makes me want to cuddle the little lion (well except for the fact that the 'little' lion probably would chew my hands off, lol)

9th February 2009

2:03am: It's my birthday
I have changed a bit

Well my hair is longer, and I got teeth now, lol :oD

31st January 2009

4:10pm: How do I have the time
Even though I'm engaged, an aunt, a granddaughter, a friend etc etc I still am watching lots, and I do mean lots, of tv-shows Photobucket lol

The ones I'm watching so far(because not all my favourite shows have started yet) is:

¤ Supernatural
¤ Big Bang Theory
¤ Battlestar Galactice
¤ The Mentalist
¤ Criminal Minds
¤ CSI Miami
¤ The L word
¤ True beauty
¤ Top Chef
¤ Hells Kitchen
¤ Grey's Anatomy
¤ Kyle XY
¤ Desperate Housewives
¤ The Simpsons
¤ Lost
¤ Smallville
¤ CSI New York

I might have forgotten some but yeah I haven't figured out how I got the time but I do, I just love movies and tv-shows :oD

29th January 2009

1:09pm: #It's the way you make me feel
I watched The End of the Road DVD today and no matter what Steps will always be my favourite music to listen to :oD
I always get smiley and in a good mood, because of the music and because of all you guys, you'll always be my Stepsfamily, lol :o)

And yes I still have the same pic on my pc as the day I got it, it's funny to think about but thanks to me seeing Deeper Shade of Blue on my sister's and Henke's computer.. it made me get a computer myself!! lol :oD
Who would have known back then how much good memories it would give me.. :o)


I will try and write more often.. I know I have been really crap at it lately, there has been so many things happening, first good and then bad, both that made me have hard to write, but you're not getting rid of me guys, lol :o)

Btw a few days ago I watched this horrormovie called 'Mirrors' I almost crapped myself :oO lol, seriously I have watched many horrormovies and I'm not sure why this one had me jumping but it did, lol.
Now I'm gonna go and snoop at your guys LJ's :op lol :oD

25th December 2008

3:27pm: Merry Christmas everyone!
(even though we've already had ours in sweden :op lol)

I'm wishing you guys all the best :o)

13th December 2008

6:43pm: Lucia
Once again it's Lucia, the day of the year when us swedes tries to light up the darkest day of the year and sings Luciasongs and has candles.


I sit and remember when I was a kid and me and my siblings went up early in the morning to go and celebrate Lucia with our grandparents singing for them and then eating gingerbreadcookies and 'lussebullar'

Happy Lucia everyone! :o)

8th December 2008

7:03pm: One tired panther
Ive been getting all the christmas stuff on the attic and of course I had to forget things so I had to go up again to get it but now I have it all and most of the christmas decoration is now up.
I usually wait a little longer to put up the christmasstuff, I hate when christmas seem to start earlier and earlier every year, but I have so many things to do and sort this year so it's good to have most of it done. It's still gonna be hard though, the first christmas without both my grandparents, but I know it's something I have to deal with, just like with my birthday next year.

I'm also trying to sort out christmasmusic, I want a mix of old and new songs, one of my favourites has to be Smokey Robinson - Jingle Bells How could you not like a motown christmassong :oD

And it's time for one of my old funny christmas pics, they never get old for someone young at heart though, lol


30th November 2008

12:09pm: First Advent
Today I'm off to see my grandpa, me and my uncle and aunt is also gonna bring cake and stuff to celebrate his 85th birthday :o)
I get a little grumpy though thinking about it because on this birthday, the 24th, we were supposed to go to him with the cake and present but it was this huge snowstorm in my city and the raods were messed up an busses were cancelled so you couldn't do anything but what makes me annoyed is that I was the ONLY one to call grandpa.. I mean it's one thing if people live far away and can't visit or that we were stuck because of the snowstorm and such but not to even be arsed to call?? It made me really angry and disapointed in people.

And later today me and Rosie is gonna cuddle in the couch and celebrate first advent

Have a nice first advent everyone :o)

28th November 2008

8:26pm: A little older and a little less hair
No I'm not going bold, lol.
But I did cut my hair off, ok so not all of it but a lot, I flet like doing something drastic after losing grandma, I needed a change, so Rosie helped me and cut it off.

Little Klara didn't aprove of it though, I think her words as my sister asked her if she liked it was "no", lol, but then she said she did when my sister said it was me on the picture, little Klara said she didn't recognice me, lol, but now she approves of it though, lol.


Things have been up and down, I miss grandma every single second but I keep her with me in my heart, but yeah It's hard. There is good things though, my grandpa, Rosie, little Klara and Kalle, and you guys, I know I have been terrible of writing here but I hope that will change now and that I will get my thumbs out and write more often like I used to do.

We also had lots of snow in my city, almost half a meter and me and Rosie had a snowball fight that made me feel like a little kid again, it was so great :oD But now it has melted away again *grumps* but it will be back. And so will my hair, lol.

I've missed you guys :o)

15th August 2008

10:47pm: I'm baaaack (for now at least, lol)
Missed me? lol

I can't believe I haven't posted for almost 2 months :oO lol

But I've been on vacation(still am, I'm in Gothenburg to the 25th at least) and I'm also sick.. I got the Kissing Disease!! :oO hmph.. lmao, it's so typical.. lol, Rosie hasn't got it though, yet.. we have tried our best to make her sick too ;o) lol, ok so not really but there is no way I would give up any form opf pantherjumping just because I'm sick and got fever and hardly can get out of bed, lol.

I really have missed you guys, and I have been reading all your old posts to update myself a little, lol.

Oh and I loooove 'Mercy' with Duffy, that song is soooo good!

18th June 2008

7:15am: I'm off to see the wizard, well not really but still, lol
In a few hours I'm on the train to see Rosie, I will be gone for 2 weeks and I'm going straight to Andreas for a week after it so I wont be home for 3 weeks.

Soon it's midsummer wich means lots of celebration, in Sweden midsummer is as big holliday as christmas.
HF the midsummerhare and the herring wants you to come back, lol.

Anyway it's time for me to get ready and take my smile and stuff and go to the trainstation!


14th June 2008

9:55pm: Back again, lol
First the whining - I think I've become allergic because I have been sneezing my butt off lately *grumps* I should go and check it up but I can't be arsed to do it, lol.

Second, Rosie came visiting again and I was ridiculusly happy, I'm also going to visit her in Gothenburg on wednesday and staying for 2 weeks and then going straight to visit Andreas for a week in south Sweden.
I'm happy but I'm tired, and I do got some things on my mind, but I'm mostly happy so it's good :o)

I've missed you guys *is being a dork* lol
Current Mood: tired

28th May 2008

8:01pm: I haven't been writing for a while, things have been a little crazy, both in good but unfortunal in bad ways. When it comes to the bad things it's really bad, nothing to do with me personal and still it affects me very much because it has to do with family that I love and care about very much.

The good thing is that I'm ridiculusly happy because of my girlfriend, everytimes she's with me I forget about the rest of the world. I really am crazy about her, in every single way there is, lol.

It's gonna be up to 30 degrees in the weekend but it's already warm and sunny, today it was 27 degrees, it's really nice to sit on the balcony,
(this was taken the last year but it still looks the same)
It's a really nice place to sit and have breakfast and kiss someone you like, lol :o)

Btw girls.. who won the Fantasy Premier League :op lol :oD

13th May 2008

2:41pm: Umbilical Brothers
They are SO damn funny :oD

Current Mood: amused

10th May 2008

3:03pm: So good :oD
I love this season of SURVIVOR :oD
It has made me laugh so much, oh man.. it's the best, lol.

I also have so much love for my Rosie, she makes me laugh and feel so good.
Around 2 months now as a couple and I'm just falling more and more for her everyday :o) She also drives me absolutely crazy! *grins like mad* :oD

4th May 2008

7:45pm: A great weekend
I only got around 5 hours sleep this weekend, Rosie came and spent the weekend with me, lol :oD



I had a really nice weekend.
But now I got a cold and I'm sneezing and sniffling like mad, lol.
Current Mood: loved

30th April 2008

11:38pm: Happy Valborg
Valborgsmässoafton or last april as it's also called is the day when we celebrate that spring is here and we have big bonfires and 'sing in the spring' (and lots of people get drunk, lol)
It's also a day full of tradition and all students old as new have the right to wear their studenthats/graduationhats if they choose.

To celebrate Valborg I'm posting a pic of me when I graduated and was wearing my hat, lol

23rd April 2008

10:46am: Sunshine sunshine sunshine
It's been such a nice weather these last days, so sunny and warm, and is there anything better than walking in sunshine being in love? I smile like a fool and it's such a nice feeling.

I've also spent a lot of time with little Klara and Kalle, they make me laugh so much :oD.
I'm also not winning the 'grandchild of the year award' this year because I brought some nice sallad with crabsticks and other stuff and it turned out grandma got an allergic reaction to it :oO lol, she's all fine now though but for a while she got all red from it, it went away when she got allergy medecin though, but still, lol. We laughed so much about it. I love my grandparents :o)

Now i'm going to call my Rosie :o) and yeah in the beginning I found it so amusing she almost has the same name as you Rose :oD lol

I need to book traintickets for summer to go and visit Andreas for a week btu right now I need to go out in the sunshine and buy me an icecream :oD

And yes HF the midsummerhare miss you :op lol :oD


16th April 2008

1:32am: Today I sat on my glasses
Wich gave me the doubtful pleassure of explaining it to the people in the store fixing the glasses, lol.

Little Klara's birthday is on friday :oD She is 4 years old, how the years go by so fast, it feels like yesterday when I held that little girl for the first time :o)
Aunty is gonna take her to a icecream-place and let her choose the biggest icecream she can find :oD :o)
Current Mood: amused

5th April 2008

11:48pm: #Say my name.. lol
I haven't wrote much lately but I've been(and still is, lol)in the 'honeymoon-phase', wich means you spend a lot of time with someone special. I will try my best and update a little more though, lol.

Spring is once again hitting Sweden, the last time it got chased away by a snowstorm, lol, but now it seems to be getting warmer everyday and the birds are starting to sing early in the morning wich is making me ridiculusly happy :o)

Oh and AD this is for you, LOL
Current Mood: amused

21st March 2008

8:07pm: Happy easter
It's snowstorming here and there in Sweden, it's crazy, lol. What happened with spring?? lol
Seriously it was so cold today it's ridiculus, but it also was kind of funny because it made people stand and do little dances at the busstation, almost as if they were all little kids that needed to pee, lol.
But yeah I had a nice day even though I got a little red on my nose and froze half my butt off, lol

It also seems like I got myself a girlfriend.
I'm not sure how it happened or what's gonna happen or how long it will last, 1 day or 1 year or whatever, all I know is that she's bringing out the playful panther in me again and that I laugh a lot and that my hormones works overtime, lol.

16th March 2008

2:54pm: ESC
This is the song that will represent Sweden in the ESC

And yes AD it's the same girl that won 1999 with 'Take me to your heaven' I thought of you when I heard it and even mentioned your name to my sister and Henke, lol :oD

I like the song more when the choirgirls join Charlotte :op lol :oD

But yeah it's not that bad, a little discoish, lol

13th March 2008

2:29am: It could have been worse though, lol
I haven't wrote in a while wich is unusual for me but lots of things have happened and most of them I haven't been able to write about.

Today though I almost crapped myself, lol, I was out for a walk and it's a little rainy and windy wich is what made this slimey leaf smack my face, except I thought it was one of those little frogs that sometimes jumps around here, you know who I talk about HF, lol, so I screamed like a little girl and almost jumped 5 meter up in the air, lol.

And I who thought I was all cool and calm - yeah right, lol. But then again I'm always a whimp when it comes to things like that, frogs, insects etc.. I don't like them!! lol

26th February 2008

7:10am: 7½ hour
I've just talked to a girl for 7½ hour on the phone

no I'm not joking, lol.

I think she likes me, lol. She knows how I feel about this other girl though.
I have no voice left and my arms feel like spagetthi but I have laughed so much and you can never have too many friends :o)
Current Mood: sleepy
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